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In this post I would like to tell you about a book which inspired me, called “Lunch” by Denise Fleming.

We used this book with our bilingual kids in the library, though we had bought it ourselves. Our library doesn’t have any English books…

My son and I along with another parent and her toddler, met up in the library where we created an inspirational activity for our toddlers.

Both our toddlers participated in this activity.

In the story, a mouse was very hungry and ate all the fruit and vegetables that had been on the table. After that he had a nap and soon after it was dinnertime!

So, based on the story, we made three little mice finger puppets.

First, we printed out some pictures of mice and vegetables. We then had the children cut them out. Then the children colored them with felt-tipped pens.


Our pretty mice

We folded the pictures of the fruit and vegetables in half, we then cut a slit down the length of them so that you could poke your hand through them. (I didn’t make the usual hole in the food that people make for poking the hand through).


Fruit, berries and vegetables

Then our toddlers put on the mice puppets and started craving for food!


Our mice have just finished their lunch! They are too fat!

This is what we did:
– we ate all the fruit and vegetables (by poking our hands through the slits and collecting as much fruit and vegetables as we wanted)
– we had made a lot of fruit and vegetables before we started, and then we counted which toddler ate the most.
– we grouped the fruit and vegetables and then asked questions in order to learn the colors.


Grouping the fruit and vegetables

After that, we continue the eating process. But we added an extra mouse – in the shape of a mouse train.


Our toddlers love trains! That’s why made a mouse train for them!

We had made the mouse engine from an empty toilet paper roll at home. We cut a nose and wheels from colorful paper. We then glued cotton wool on the top of the train to resemble steam. The carriage was made of a fruit juice carton cut in the right shape, and wrapped in blue paper.

When the train arrived at the station, the toddlers were waiting for it. We told them that the train was very hungry, its tummy (the carriage), was empty and they should feed it. We asked them, “How can we feed it? Look! We had some modeling clay!” So, we suggested making some model fruit and vegetables and we put them into the carriage.


Toddlers are modeling together

We modeled each piece of fruit and vegetable just like in the book, (a turnip for the first page, some carrots for the second page, and so forth). We read the book at the same time, along with making the models.

But when we finished reading the book and the train had to leave the station to take a nap, our toddlers wouldn’t stop making fruit and vegetables. They made more and more food for it.


The mice are very hungry. They are about to gobble all the food up!

They got carried away and became very creative, and started making all sorts of things, though those were not in the book, to feed the mouse well!

The things were pizzas, bread, bananas and cheese, and even juice, as they said the mouse might be thirsty. When the carriage was full to the top, we put the book away.


This lunch is for the mouse!

When we had finished with the book, we painted their faces with special markers and made them look like mice.

What a pretty mouse!

Then the toddlers started to run around the library looking for any pictures of food on books, toys, flashcards, which they then pretended to eat.


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